Suntec Recognizes Barbara-Jo Scherer from Hanson Elementary, CO

Suntec Concrete

Suntec would like to recognize Mrs. Scherer with Hanson Elementary for being an extraordinary teacher!

Why the Suntec parents nominated Mrs. Scherer:

Since my son started school she’s been helping him become more social and helpful with his school mates. She has done tremendous work with teaching him how to express what he feels and what his feelings mean. As well she has made school interesting enough to make him want to attend every day with enthusiasm even though it’s his first year of school and has been getting used to leaving mom and dad home. She goes above and beyond and that’s why we nominate her!

What Mrs. Scherer gets out of teaching:

I have come to appreciate each and every day with my students, their families, and my dear colleagues. I have learned how to appreciate what we have as teachers for our students versus what we do not have as I am still able to teach the curriculum without relying on technology, like iPad’s or light up boards, or the little things, like occupational dress up outfits for the dramatic play area, which could create a bigger connection to their learning experience. I was given a classroom that was originally used for storage from the other six preschool classrooms homing run down or even broken furniture and toys. However, that did not deter me from making it a very welcoming and safe classroom for my students and their families.


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