Suntec president will lead ABA workforce labor committee

Derek Wright

The Arizona Builders Alliance (ABA) announced that Derek Wright, president of Suntec Concrete, has joined the association’s board of directors. In the role, he will lead the new workforce labor committee, and participate in discussions pertaining to issues and challenges that will impact Arizona’s construction industry.

“In the last decade, Derek’s firm has been responsible for helping to complete major Arizona projects, and with the labor shortages that the industry is facing, he and Suntec have been very active in recruiting outreach to high school students,” said Mark Minter, executive director of the ABA. “We hope to encourage other companies to practice similar efforts.”

“I’m looking forward to collaborating with leaders in construction, and am thankful for the opportunity to give back to the industry,” said Wright, who graduated from the association’s Senior Executive Program (SEP) last year. “The ABA’s goal is to advocate for and improve the construction industry, which is also where my personal ambitions lie.”  

Wright brings much experience to the board and to the association’s mission of educating and developing future leaders in construction. One example includes his leading continued education programs at Suntec to help employees achieve career advancement goals and practice the highest safety standards. In addition, he has climbed through the ranks of the industry throughout his career, allowing him to be an excellent resource to members of the construction community at any phase of their profession.

The ABA board of directors in made up of 20 association members and multiple life directors. Together, they provide oversight and leadership of the association and champion key initiatives in the association’s strategic plan. For more information about the ABA, visit


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