Suntec Begins Hiring of Summer Interns

Suntec is pleased to announce the initial hiring of seven new interns for the summer. These interns all exhibit determination and a get-the-job-done mentality. Each of them has done exactly what has been asked of them and has shown a great work ethic, including attending two 4am classes each week and sometimes putting in upwards of ten hours in the field in the 100+ degree Arizona heat.

Our newest interns include:

Rodrigo Gonzalez Construction Management, Junior: ASU

Saul Pineda Construction Engineering, May 2020 ASU New Grad

Antonio Perez Construction Management, Sophomore: Mesa Community College

Bryce Hilt Construction Management, Sophomore: Mesa Community College

Noel Pereda Construction Engineering, Sophomore: ASU

Bruno Garcia Construction Management, Junior: ASU

Joshua Cervantes Construction Engineering, Junior: ASU

We are excited to have these interns as part of our team for the summer and look forward to watching them grow and learn.


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