hardison/downey & Suntec Concrete Team up for Make-A-Wish

When Make-A-Wish Arizona approached hardison/downey to help grant a three-year old Maricopa girl her wish to have a safe backyard to play in, we knew just the subcontractor to team up with. Brielle, a three-year old in Maricopa, is living with I-Cell Disease. Her disease is rare – Brielle is the only child in Arizona with this and, in fact, there are only about 25 kids in the entire United States that have this illness. Her life expectancy is five years, and her family would like to provide the best few years that she has left. Brielle loves to play outside at the park, but due to her illness leaving her very susceptible to germs and infections, as well as her limited mobility and safety risks outside her home, she can only go when no other children are around. Brielle’s wish was to play outside, which could only happen with the construction of a safe environment in her backyard.

Various other corporate sponsors were already on board to donate pieces of the backyard construction, but Make-A-Wish was struggling to find a concrete specialist able to create a pathway through the yard that was free of sharp edges, but would still keep her from running her walker into the rocks. hardison/downey reached out to longtime partner, Suntec Concrete, who eagerly jumped right in to help get this done. Paul Sierpina led Suntec’s contribution to this project, which included labor, equipment and materials. He also recruited Cemex to donate the ready mix and Brundage-Bone to donate the concrete pumping. In addition, many other members of the Suntec team volunteered their time to go to the jobsite and help with the pour.

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