Suntec is proud to support education and gives our employees the opportunity to nominate a teacher that has made a difference in a student’s life. Suntec Concrete has granted wishes for the following teachers: Ashlee Mondotte, Maryland Elementary; Audrey Sweeden, Bret R. Tarver; and Jennifer Wright and Kim Fisher with Moon Valley High. All these teachers have made huge impacts in the lives of the children around them every day.


Ashlee Mondotte

“Working with all of the diverse children every day gives me a deep appreciation for people. We host many refugee families and students coming from different backgrounds. In my classroom, we constantly talk about how it is okay to be different and it is okay to disagree with people, but it is never okay to be rude to someone because of their differences. All of my students learn in a different way. My classroom is filled with kids with learning disabilities, social-emotional problems, behavior struggles, homelessness, and so much more. But each and every one of my students are incredible little humans that are so wonderful in their own way.”


Audrey Sweeden

“My students’ primary language is Spanish, and one is Arabic; I also have three autistic students. I love watching them learn and grow each and every day and they have such a joy for learning. I want to give my student’s the best opportunities I can. I push them to do their best and to never give up even when things are hard. We learn to persevere and work as a team. We celebrate each other and our accomplishments.”


Jennifer Wright

“I am 17 years into my teaching career, I teach for the same reason; the relationships that are forged with my students. I am the cheerleader at the sporting events and the performances. I am the shoulder to cry on when the students are struggling. I am the lender of lunch money so the students don’t go hungry. I am the encourager when students start to struggle. I am the enforcer when students try to step out of the acceptable behavioral boundaries. I am the coach on the softball field. I am the timer at the home basketball games, cheering them on from the scoring table. I am part of the support group when a student or their family member gets sick or dies. I am the person that helps them understand tax returns in the spring. I am their first job reference. I teach because I can make a difference in the life of a child. And they make a difference in mine.”


Kim Fisher

“Recently, I saw an opportunity to improve the mentality on our campus and took on a project that I lovingly dubbed “Bathroom Beautification.” I painted the girls’ bathroom door stalls with inspirational messages, put artwork on the walls, fragrant soaps on the counters and baskets with feminine products in the stalls. I’ve received emails, notes, hugs and even tears from students who said they were touched and felt loved. It went viral; kids were sharing the bathroom with their social media network. It’s a small feat in fighting the negativity that can come with being a teenager. I also worked with my yearbook staff to cover more than the “A group” students… This book belongs to the entire campus and it should incorporate every student.  My goal is to have every student on this campus feel appreciated and loved; I don’t want any student to feel like they walk this campus alone.”