More than 35 years ago, the Beatles penned the lyrics, “It’s Getting Better All The Time,” and while that might not have been true in regards to construction in the recent past, it seems like indeed things are getting better in the southwestern construction market.

Sure, it depends where you are, what you are working on and what contracts a firm has garnered, but generally, things appear to be getting better. In the last go-around of ENR Southwest our Top Contractors list showed marked improvement in revenue: 30 of the 50 top firms showed increases.

The same is true for Top Specialty Contractors this go around as 12 of the 20 top firms had a better 2012 than 2011. The two finalists for the ENR Southwest Top Specialty Contractor of the Year — Suntec Concrete of Phoenix, Ariz., and Helix Electric of San Diego, Calif and Las Vegas, Nev., — had particularly impressive years in 2012.

Suntec, with 125 million in 2012 sales, saw a 67% increase in revenue — $50 million — from 2011.