Founded in 1985, Suntec Concrete Inc. has earned its reputation as a leader in the construction industry and the largest commercial concrete construction company in the Southwest. Challenging industry norms is nothing new to Suntec, and they bring this same mentality to their advertising program. Suntec appreciates conceptual advertisements where they can educate clients and prospects on their core values and customer-centric approach to service, without explicitly stating it.

Incorporating the imagery of the children has been wildly successful in Suntec’s advertising campaign. These ads are immediately recognizable and easily distinguish Suntec in industry publications. Each ad’s concept, design and messaging is built around their core values and are focused on partnering, innovation, responsiveness and collaboration. They allow Suntec to show the softer side of their firm.

The Suntec Concrete Inc. ad campaign should be selected for the SMPS Marketing Communication Awards because it exemplifies the values that make this a great company. Suntec has resources and state-of-the art equipment, but as their ads simply and perfectly depict, it’s ultimately their relationships that have kept them in business for more than 30 years.