Preconstruction Services

Having been involved in some of the most significant projects throughout the southwest is a direct result of our knowledge and skillset. Suntec has built its reputation over several decades on providing outstanding solutions, and the highest quality work on every project.

Cost Driver

Getting Suntec involved in the early stages of a project can help ensure the project stays on-track with design and also remains within budget and eliminates costly change orders.

Game Plan

Getting critical parties involved in the early planning stages of a project increases the probabilities that critical milestones are adequately addressed, difficult project components are identified and solutions discussed, and potential errors are substantially reduced.

Design Analysis

Being involved in the design process allows Suntec to make suggestions and recommendations that can both reduce costs and increase the functionality of the completed projects.

BIM Experience

Being able to see a real-time model helps the entire team visualize the project and aids in the collaboration of ideas and scheduling through functions that are only available in a digital workspace.

Schedule Driver

We provide detailed, accurate and aggressive schedules that incorporate the work of other trades into our process in an effort to provide our clients the greatest opportunity for success.

Quality Formula

We have integrated quality control measures within each of our processes to allow for aggressive schedules without sacrificing the quality of the work along the way.

Scope Delivery

Suntec possesses both the man power and the know-how needed to deliver even the most technically challenging and complex projects on-time and within budget.

Leading Technology

Suntec uses and implements the latest technology available in the marketplace to deliver the highest quality finished product.

Construction Services

Suntec Concrete helps you to maintain demanding schedules, complete challenging projects, and build sustainable concrete solutions that will leave a lasting impression on both the environment and the people who use them.