Todd Breuer

Foundation Division Manager | Managing Partner

Todd joined Suntec in 1995. It didn’t take long for him to work his way into being the Foundation Division Manager. He is now responsible for managing multiple projects that involve heavy foundation and tilt work. While maintaining his role as a project manager, Todd spends equal time in the office and field, working directly with his team.  

Since the beginning of Todd’s career with Suntec, he has played a unique role in the mentorship and training of new hires. His greatest professional accomplishment is being able to look around the company and know that he was able to touch the lives of individuals, help further their careers, and see them become successful leaders at Suntec.  

Away from the office and job site, Todd enjoys traveling with his wife, Quinn, and two children. He also has a great passion for outdoor activities such as running, riding his mountain bike, and attending sporting events. Formerly a Seattle Seahawks fan when he lived in Washington, Todd says he now roots for the hometown Arizona Cardinals. And, yes, he has mixed loyalties.