Suntec names Derek Wright President

Derek Wright

Derek Wright has been named president of the 700‐employee concrete construction firm. Wright has been with the company for more than 24 years and is well positioned for this role, having started as a carpenter in 1990, and managing several divisions prior to becoming vice president in 1997.

“Suntec will continue its pursuit of excellence with the same ownership dynamic going forward to ensure their clients of the utmost commitment to continual partnering and shared success for building the best buildings in the industry,” Wright stated regarding the promotion.

According to Jerry Barnier, former president and founder of Suntec Concrete, the change comes as a logical progression as Wright has led the operational direction of the company for the last 16 years. “Derek’s promotion is an example of what makes Suntec work—he has led this great team for many years as vice president; it was good timing and opportunity for me to participate where I fit best as well.” Barnier, who founded the company 30 years ago, will continue in a similar capacity with the company as before, emphasizing the involvement in the upfront design concepts of complex projects and working hands on with clients and Suntec tradesmen.

“Derek has a passion for growing the company and continues to explore ways to serve our clients and build great work,” Barnier continued. Barnier remains as a majority owner of the company and has six additional partners.

The success Suntec has enjoyed under Wright’s leadership and direction is not only evident by the company’s growth in revenue but by the commitment to its clients and employees. Wright’s passion for innovation, performance, and growth of people has lead Suntec to being named ENR Southwest’s 2013 Specialty Contractor of the Year.


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