Suntec is at it again! We granted more teacher wishes!

Suntec runs this program every year to award those teachers who go above and beyond to make a difference. Even though we’re making a small dent in the needs of the teachers in the valley, we’re hoping this brings awareness to those who are interested in helping. The teachers selected are passionate and do what it takes to leave a lasting impression in their students’ lives. Thank you to all for everything you do for the children and the community!

Megan Morstein – Solano Elementary

“This year has been full of firsts, like teaching a second and third-grade combination class. Teaching is my passion and I do whatever I can to help my students succeed. My students come from a diverse background and we are a Title 1 school, so many students have challenging home lives, which can make it a challenging day at school. I believe my job is to get to know my students so I can provide the best support academically and emotionally. I love to instill the love of reading in my students, but many of the books they like to read are limited. Therefore, in my wish list, I included these titles and other resources that would enhance our reading workshop.”

Items Requested: Diary of Wimpy Kid Series, Who Would Win 10 Pack, National Geographic Kids Collection, Pokémon Chapter Books, Flex Space Seating, Lakeshore Multiplication Games & Flash Cards, Mastering Math Skills Center, Think Talk Write Center, Giant Magnetic Solar System, Dry Erase White Boards, Scales and Measuring Jars.

Ron Lieberman – Harold W. Smith

“The daily challenges my middle school students face are daunting and the level of responsibilities they often have are more than a student that age should have to handle. That being said, however, I work not to “coddle” them, but support and inspire them to show them just how successful they can be in school and in life. Students come into my classroom with a wealth of life experience, with strong wills and determination, but not always towards school itself. Through my teaching it is my simple goal to harness this and use it to turn them into driven, capable students who see themselves as successful, ready for high school and everything after.”

Items Requested: Frey Scientific Innovating Science Demonstration Kit, Disappearing Rainbow Kit, Energy Changes in a Reaction Lab, Science Physical & Chemical Properties of Matter, Forensic Analysis Kit, Periodic Table Kits, World Map, Newton’s Cradle Deluxe Set, Crime Scene Lab, Human Traits Lab, Voltmeter Single Range and Rocket Launcher.

Karen Vanderpoel – Tumbleweed Elementary

“I have been at my current school for 15 years and love working here. I am a primary (K-2) classroom teacher; I teach ELL (English Language Learners) and I love their zest for learning. I stress the importance of education to my children and the need to strive higher in order to be a success. I tell them that I set them up for that and won’t accept anything less from them; their best is all I ask every day. Responsibility is a big part of my preparing these little people for tomorrow and it is a beautiful thing seeing them rise to that.”

Items Requested: 1000 Ct Bingo Chips, Crayola Colored Pencils, Soft Seats, Number Dice, Linking Cubes, Magnetic 10 Frame, Early Language Learners Library, Magnetic Letters Kits, Magnetic Write and Wipe Boards, Privacy Partitions for little offices, Listening Centers with Headphones and CD Players.

Monica Dunham – Cholla Middle School

“In my years as an educator, I have worked diligently to help students not only learn content, but also to apply it to real-world situations. Currently, I teach Algebra, Geometry and Advanced Math in a Title 1 school. Students are challenged with applying math in real-world situations which prepares them for jobs in the 21st century. I make every effort to extend learning in novel ways, linking learning to life experiences such as measuring ramps for ADA compliance and estimating heights of buildings using indirect measurements through proportions. I try to find ways in which students will see the connections with the concepts to the world around us.”

Items Requested: Casio FX-9750GII Classroom Pack of Calculators, Do the Math: Secrets, Lies, and Algebra, and the Giant Pumpkin Suite Books.


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