Suntec Supports Schools with Education Appreciation Program

2020 Teacher Appreciation

After witnessing the trials and tribulations of an underfunded education system, Suntec leaders, including founder Jerry Barnier, decided to take charge and make a change. In 2015, the Suntec ownership team launched the Suntec Education Appreciation Program, which immediately began to impact teachers all throughout Arizona.

The program alleviates some of the financial stress that Arizona educators and learning institutions face while recognizing outstanding teachers who continuously go above and beyond for our Arizona children.

Every year, the Suntec Education Appreciation Program encourages Suntec employees to nominate teachers who make a real difference in their children’s lives. Suntec presents every single teacher that receives a nomination with the opportunity to complete a wish-list of learning resources. Once every educator has the chance to submit their wish-list, the Suntec ownership selects teachers for sponsorship.

In close coordination with the Arizona schools’ staff and principals, Suntec surprises the sponsorship winners in person by fulfilling their wish list. Each teacher receives a warm welcome from the families who nominated them, along with the announcement of Suntec’s generous donations. This process gives our Suntec employees the opportunity to thank their educators directly for the magnificent and hard work they do in our communities.

Since the program’s launch five years ago, Jerry and the rest of the Suntec ownership team have expanded the reach of Suntec’s philanthropic efforts. Now, the Suntec Education Appreciation Program impacts students and teachers in Colorado and Utah, in addition to Arizona. In 2020 alone, Suntec donated over $120,000 in school supplies to over 40 teachers across the three states.

Suntec is incredibly proud to support our children’s educations and say thank you to our teachers. We are dedicated to improving learning experiences and intend on providing much-needed resources to our students through the Suntec Education Appreciation Program for years to come.


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