Matt Rogers

Vice President | Colorado Business Unit Leader

Since joining the company in 2003, Matt has worn many hats in leadership roles. “Becoming one of the managing partners at Suntec at an early age gave me the opportunity to be involved in a lot of really fun projects,” Matt says. “I was able to accelerate my growth within the company because of what I was exposed to and then given the reigns with which to run.”

As a Colorado Business Unit Leader, Matt overseas all projects in the Colorado area and is the creative mind behind marketing campaigns and corporate branding. He also oversees project management and preconstruction planning.

Since moving to Arizona 14 years ago, Matt has undergone some changes, he says, “When I moved to Arizona, I had hair past my shoulders. I cut it because I needed a job.” Matt is an avid outdoorsman who enjoys playing golf, boating, hiking, and offshore fishing. It’s no surprise that Matt is an Eagle Scout and remains involved with the Boy Scouts to this day. Matt and his wife, Sara, have three boys.

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